The Commission for the Regulation of Utilities’ consumer engagement campaign – Switch On – aimed to empower energy consumers in Ireland to switch onto their rights, to savings and to safety.


Most people think about energy on two occasions, when their bills arrive, or when the power goes off or is cut off. The CRU’s objective is to ensure that when those bills land on door mats, they look to CRU for support. We developed a fully integrated campaign across media and digital with the theme of ‘Switch On’. Maia Dunphy, influencer and broadcaster, was chosen to amplify the message and engage our target audience.


The CRU’s Customer Switching Report for the Electricity and Gas Retail Markets” showed the highest number of switches in electricity suppliers recorded in the last 7 years. With no other drivers to switch beyond the ‘Switch On’ campaign taking place at this time the CRU identified that this was a direct result from the ‘Switch On’ Campaign.