Our objective was to set NIVEA apart in a crowded FMCG skincare sector and educate women on the importance of using skincare rich in Q10 to help fight the aging process.


We devised a unique nutritional skincare angle, developing an impactful narrative around NIVEA’s Q10 anti-ageing range. We invited media to a bespoke NIVEA Q10 BOOST Brunch, treating them to product trials, cooking demo and skincare presentations from leading experts. We targeted influential media, bloggers and key opinion leaders with specially commissioned NIVEA Q10 Boost Boxes.


Through strong earned media coverage, we succeeded in creating widescale awareness of NIVEA Q10 Boost to help fight aging. Sales of NIVEA’s Q10 Anti-Ageing range increased by 10% throughout the month of, and in the four months following, the launch event, smashing the sales targets set for the period.