With Ireland operating at pretty much full employment, recruitment and retention remains a Board level issue for many of our clients.

At almost every meeting, the challenge of bringing an employer brand to life, is firmly on the agenda. Alongside the multi-channel campaigns we are helping clients run, it is interesting to see how many team members at a company are increasingly willing to tell the story of their company themselves. They know that earned media and digital are important, but their own social channels can have a significant impact.

Someone working at your business is the clearly the most authentic advocate when it comes to persuading others to join your company. Their experiences and views, even when not 100% positive, are much more likely to reach your target audience. And that audience is much more likely to listen to and believe an actual employee rather than the corporate face of a business.

As people become more comfortable sharing their work stories on their own social channels, there is a clear opportunity for employees to use these channels to help attract more brilliant people to come and work with them. Many employees are rightly proud of who they work for and what that company does. They are happy to share stories which prove the purpose of that business.

Technology also makes this much easier. If you can create content which isn’t overly branded, well established tools from companies such as Dynamic Signal make it very simple for people to immediately share stories. Ask employees to share something not grounded in purpose, or too self-promoting and you will be given short shrift. Let your employees push something out which highlights why they chose to work where they do, and you will see a much more positive response as people directly reach the networks that are often so hard to tap into. Add into this the gamification element and a leader board to show employees who is contributing the most, and you have a new communication tool in the talent market.