Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland


To generate wide public engagement in the Commission on the Future of Policing’s once in a generation review of policing in Ireland, to build trust and credibility among stakeholders, and to ensure the best possible positive environment for the Commission’s landmark report.


  • Devised a multi-phase communications strategy in line with the Commission’s complex needs
  • Organised and ran a nationwide programme of public events with stakeholders accompanied by extensive local media campaign which put Commission presence across local radio and newspapers
  • Prepared and managed a set-piece press conference event and media strategy to mark publication of the Commission’s report


During its lifetime the Commission successfully navigated a challenging media, political and public landscape with Drury’s guidance. The high-profile press conference in the iconic Rotunda of Dublin’s City Hall was broadcast live on RTE, reported across all major national media outlets, appeared on the front pages of several national newspapers, and trended on social media. The range and depth of coverage allowed the Commission’s key messages to cut through and reach a wide audience of stakeholders unfiltered by competing voices.